Information and Security


ImagePerfect Information and Security Policy Statement

(Including Information & Security Objectives)

The company is committed to providing the highest levels of Information Security for both staff and customers by maintaining the following Information Security objectives,

  1. Protect all information assets and resources from unauthorised access, disclosure, deletion, amendment or disaster.
  2. Ensure that correct and complete information is available where required.
  3. To implement a standardised approach to the completion, storage, retention and subsequent disposal of all information assets and resources.
  4. To improve awareness and understanding of Information and security processes and documentation amongst company employees
  5. To achieve a company-wide culture where security is characteristic rather than systematise.

Information is core to our service provision; as such the security of all assets and resources within the company is viewed as important for continued business growth.

The company continues to improve its processes and procedures. The company actively monitors and measures its Information security to ensure staff and customer confidence.

The company operates an Information & Security Management System that meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.