Carrier Billing for Merchants

Carrier billing allows users to purchase digital content by charging it to their monthly bill or prepaid balance.

  • Boost revenues with 2 click payments
  • Access new customers
  • Single integration to our catalogue of mobile operators
  • End-to-end seamless & secure payments

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    How Carrier Billing works

    How Carrier Billing works

    Carrier billing is a mobile payment service that allows users to purchase digital content and charge it to their monthly bill or prepaid balance. The mobile payment option is flexible and can be used with one-off, subscription and in-app payments and is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

    Carrier billing is extremely versatile and can be integrated into all digital platforms including console, web and app services.

    By connecting to our digital services platform, merchants, OTT players and app stores can benefit by gaining instant access to our portfolio of global mobile operators rather than having to negotiate and manage direct connections.

    Features of Carrier Billing

    2-Click Payments

    ImagePerfect’s 2-click subscription payments do not require the user to enter their mobile number or confirm their purchase with PIN verification, giving a simple and seamless user experience.

    Providing a faster checkout experience with 2-click payment flows is proven to increase conversion and satisfy customers as the user experience remains uninterrupted.

    Benefits of our 2-click checkout include:

     Increased conversion

     Uninterrupted customer experience

     Fully secure end-to-end transactions

    SMS Payments

    ImagePerfect’s subscription platform allows for a variety of subscription methods including SMS payments. Customers simply send a set command to a short code to subscribe.

    Free Trials

    Free trials can be enabled on subscription services from 1 to 30 days to help increase conversion rates.

    Dynamic Payments

    ImagePerfect’s platform allows merchants to create flexible pricing models including one-off and daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions to maximise revenue potential.

    Partial Charging

    Partial charging enables the monetisation of users who can’t be fully billed due to insufficient funds or mobile account limitations.

    Benefits of Carrier Billing

    • Access to new customers who do not have credit/debit cards
    • Flexible pricing and billing frequencies
    • Can be used with one-off, subscription and in-app payments
    • Faster checkouts with 2-click payment experiences
    • End-to-end secure and seamless payments
    • Single integration gives access to our directory of mobile operators and reduces time and effort to market

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