Programmatic Offerings


Programmatic Audit

A massive wave of digitization and changing customer expectations has thrown new challenges at marketers

We need to keep analysing and adapting to the rapid change. What works today does not work necessarily work tomorrow. Today’s rule of success will get stale by tomorrow, get upbeat transformation on your strategy is what help you stay afloat.

How well you can implement marketing strategy is answered by programmatic audits.

When you have all Media(platform, inventory, DSP, SSP) being automated with machine learning. Audit will help you keep a check on your spend and relative results that will gauge and deliver continued success once you implement the derivatives.

It will help you find out what action items and fixes will help you to retain your lead. Thus, keep giving results with high engagement and visibility.


Automation when driven with clear strategy can turn tables on the game. Automation is a boon as well as curse. Boon if handled smartly like in case of Real time bidding (RTB), curse as it can lead to eating up your lots of budgets and still not able show you up where needed and get enough clicks/ impressions.

Google’s Real time bidding is an exemplary feature of AI and ML. Enhanced yield of CPC, PPC is recently being talked about for better ROI for campaigns. Nevertheless, bid strategy is key for such controlled use of features like RTB. Below are few methods Image Perfect harps upon for RTB:

  • Maximise Reach
  • Target Cost Per Acquisition (tCPA)
  • Target ROAS (tROAS)
  • Target Search Page Location
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Enhanced Cost Per Click (eCPC)

PG Deals

Programmatic guaranteed deals are a new way of executing reserved buys is new way to seize the market. Budgets are tilting more towards programmatic buying. Moreover, Programmatic gives transparency and reporting that is unparalleled getting premium and demand is increasing. Image Perfect with its expert team delivers PG deals across all environments (media, web, video, mobile, in-app, connected TV

We configure the deal with an analytics and measurable tools that ensure 100% delivery of impression and clicks. However to deliver this feature we prefer you to be engaged with us for programmatic Ads doing this will give us better visibility on data point, audits understanding, programmatic planning and management with detailed understanding for your account, DSP, inventory, platforms….. etc.